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Whether you are a PAC or Candidate your reporting requirements for donations are complex and time consuming. Multiple platforms, transaction systems, and accounts no longer meet this years FEC Standards.  By using the TerraServUSA platform, we are able to attach each transaction to each donor for compliance reporting. Our compliance professionals are experienced with the highest level of national campaigns.

Political Contribution Limits & Disclaimers

TerraServUSA allows you to ensure your donors don’t surpass FEC, state, or local restrictions. Employer fields and the use of additional fields for supplemental information that your local jurisdiction requires are customizable.  Appropriate disclaimers are displayed for you at the time of donation collection.

Upsell Your Donors

Asking for and including merchandise increases the overall contribution.  Our data shows political donors will increase donations when an upsell, cash and/or merchandise is presented.


In many local and regional election elections fundraising is difficult and time consuming but needed.  Our hosted solution allows for a low cost of entry for donation, event and merchandise website.  TerraServUSA also uses proven outreach techniques and lists for new donor attainment. 

A confidential, no obligation discussion with one of our team will help you through the pitfalls that can and do happen without a proper system in place.

Political Action Committees

Whether you are small or large, our solution allows for you to expand your message and raise money in an omni-channel manner.  This allows a single UI/UX and backend for your web-site, social media presence, mobile interactions or direct marketing.

We are here to discuss your goals, both Financial and Strategic.