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Omni-Channel -using multiple mediums to deliver message and products to consumer/donors

What is Omni-Channel and Why is it Important?

Multi-channel retailing and Fundraising means an organization interfaces across multiple online channels (e.g. a web store, marketplaces, and social media, etc.). Omni-channel refers to organizations with both a physical and digital presence.

Younger Donors/Consumers  are moving toward complete comfort with ecommerce – engaging with more ads, using newer platforms, spending more discretionary income and spending through these channels.

How to Use the TerraServUSA Platform

  • Most organizations need a payment infrastructure that allows them to do business with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. 
  • One organization could receive payment for the same service from e-commerce, telephone, in person, or mail – directly or through third parties.
  • Traditionally, organizations needed to use a variety of payment solutions to serve all these verticals – resulting in lost data and opportunity.
  • TerraServUSA’s omni-channel infrastructure allows you or your preferred partner control your data and increase profitability and sales conversion.
  • TerraServUSA processes payments from any channel and works with the credit card companies to encrypt and secure that sensitive credit card data. 
  • Then, TerraServUSA marries that encrypted data to customer information such as phone number, address, e-mail address producing a TerraServUSA Easy Verification record.
  • TerraServUSA Easy Verification enables your organization to use one-click, one-word, or checkbox authorization to verify payments across channels – regardless of where the original payment came from.
  • TerraServUSA Easy Verification enables companies to see up to 300% higher conversion across all channels. Easy Verification also has shown to increase fulfilled pledges, recurring sales, and upsell acceptance rates.