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One-Time – Recurring – Merchandise – SMS – Direct Mail – Social Media

TerrraServUSA is committed to ease of giving.  Our industry exclusive Single Payment Portal System enables Non-Profit organizations to centralize Donor payment and checkouts under a single transaction.  This System improves the Donor experience, and that increases your bottom line.

Whether you use our platform for e-transactions, in-person, Mobile Transactions, Direct Mail, your reporting is centralized and comprehensive. 

We integrate into your existing systems reducing your implementation time and costs as well as business processes. 

Merchandising? Many others say they are able to add a merchant site. We offer unique graphic designs, state of the art production techiques that give your donors value for their money. Same with your merchandise.  Our State of the Art U.S. Based Team provides Graphic Design, production, fulfillment facility, and of course customer service, allows your focus to be on your core business.

Take control over your data and reporting.

TerraServUSA helps relieve your Compliance team an inadequate reporting platform can cause your organization.   Starting with customizable fields and columns that filter the data however you want. Create automated reporting that can be emailed or uploaded to FTPs on a custom schedule. You can even pull a reconciliation report that shows your bank account payouts and the associated transactions.

Promote events or sell products?

TerraServUSA makes promoting and selling your events and products incredibly easy.  Upload your event details and specify ticket prices for events and options. Whether you lead with Merchandise, Events, or donations your donor prospect will have options under a single interface allowing you to raise money.