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Raising money for your school organization, alumni chapter, scholarship is always a difficult activity.  Many of the volunteer change year to year and information in lost.

Private and public-school funding for extracurricular events and programs. In school events, field trips, concert and performance travel, all need to raise money. We can supply your volunteer organization a safe, secure, and hands-off program for donations, merchandise sales, event ticketing, gift cards, and memberships. Your booster and/or parent groups get full financial and participant reporting, and your accounts receive direct deposits through our industry leading secure E Check and Credit Card payment portal.

Let us simplify your donation and merchandise increasing your donations for:

  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Vocational and Trade
  • Alumni
  • Scholarships

Educational Institutions have many organizations, social, community, studies based, and many more. Use our easy to manage donation site for:

  • General Donation Fund
  • Merchandise Sales (we can provide or local source)
  • Event Ticket Sales (Galas, Parties, Trips)
  • Merchant/Local Business Sponsorship
  • Alumni Donation
  • Membership Dues

Unique to Scholarships

In addition to traditionally thought about scholarships, many social and professional organizations have scholarships or education assistance programs but lack a simple user-friendly way for contributions.  With the no-set-up costs we can assist you in reaching out to contributors for donations and awareness.