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The Simplest Solution for Merchandise Sales – Integrate your current solution or we can build and host, all in the USA!
Start selling merch on a free storefront with no upfront investment, no risk, and a zero touch fulfillment process. Unlike other solutions, TerraServUSA will do as little or as much as needed to increase the success of your on-line store.

TerraServUSA leverages our omni-channel payment network to enhance your ability to maximize per client sales with easy-verify transactions completed by one spoken word, typed word, or click. TerraServUSA delivers results that can’t be ignored: 3X the sales conversion online or over the phone, as well as a faster consumer sales-cycle and higher upsells and recurring sales numbers.

Our SMS peer-to-peer transaction system is one of a kind, and will enable you to make the most of every sale. Contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration!

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