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TerraServUSA utilizes cutting edge technology using multiple mediums to deliver your product and message to consumers and donors, allowing you to focus on your organizational mission not the details involved in building it.


Who is TerraServUSA?

We are an experienced team of professionals in Branding,
Production, Design, Online Sales and fulfillment portal development, software systems development and integration, credit card processing, compliance reporting allowing you, the client to raise money, build awareness of your brand, and allowing you to focus on that brand, not the details involved in building it.

What We Do

  • Payment Portal Development
  • Software Systems Development and Integration
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Brand Awareness
  • Financial Processes and Supply Chain Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • On-line Sales
  • Production
  • Product Fulfillment

Our Tools

TerraServUSA provides a set of unique tools using multiple mediums to deliver your product and message to consumers and donors


Industry Exclusive “Dual Portal System” allowing one secure payment transaction process for Donations, Merchandising, Memberships, and Event Registration. 


One Time or recurring, full compliance reporting no matter your organization type, with the added value of offering your donors merchandise rewards, memberships, and event participation that increases your bottom line.


TerraServUSA helps relieve your Compliance team an inadequate reporting platform can cause your organization whether this be for IRS, FEC or organizational requirements.

E Commerce

Our free storefront links, SMS Text program, calling center, and email integration with your client offers zero touch fulfillment on our in house, state of the art production facilities with instant commissions to your account.


Our outreach services provides the ability to use e-mail, SMS Text program, direct mail and call center, and email for communication, donations and purchases. Use your data sets or we can work together to target existing and prospective donors.


Our program allows your new and existing members (and prospective members)  a portal to subscribe to your newsletters, events, and merchandising fundraising efforts.


State of the Art, in house production facility offering original design and highest quality apparel that won’t disappoint you or your clients with our customer service. Let’s work together and bring your vision to life!

Event Sales

Seamless combining event registration, ticketing, and liability terms of service agreement upon registration with direct payment to you upon participant registration!